BNBswap Partners with Syscoin Ecosystem

BNBswap Media Platform and our venture capital investment firm BNBSwap Ventures, have joined hands with Syscoin, a Layer-1 blockchain with scalable EVM functionality. Through this partnership, BNBswap media platform will cover Syscoin’s Binance-related news. It will also fund and offer marketing support for projects developed within the Syscoin ecosystem.

What does this unique partnership have to offer?

BNBswap media platform will cover all of Syscoin’s Binance-related news and updates. The BNBswap Ventures capital investment firm will serve as an incubator by providing investment and marketing support for talented projects developed on the Syscoin Platform.

BNBswap Ventures goal is to supporting blockchain technology as it transforms the global economy, investments in projects will be rewarded based on merit, which ensures ambitious projects with capable talent will be encouraged to succeed.

BNBswap Ventures will serve the following roles in support of the awarded projects:

  • Investment and funding
  • Marketing
  • Advisory
  • Networking or “connections”

These resources are designed to give every project backed by BNBswap Ventures what it needs to turn its vision into reality.

The collaboration welcomes prospects to the Syscoin Platform

As Syscoin pushes the boundaries of blockchain infrastructure, the organization extends an open invitation to partners, projects, and developers who need to make the most out of their products. BNBswap Ventures and Syscoin will continue to collaborate to grow our partnership beyond funding and marketing support. Syscoin and BNBswap communities are determined to collaborate further on new opportunities such as Metaverse, NFTs, Web3 and more.

About Syscoin

Syscoin was established in 2014. Since the debut of its NEVM in December 2021, it has expanded rapidly as a premium launchpad for potential DApps, especially in anticipation of its impending upgrades. Over the past two quarters Syscoin has been attracting more partners and investors as it widens accessibility via lucrative prospects and greater availability.



About BNBswap

BNBswap is a BNBchain media platform features BNBchain & Binance ecosystem, crypto market news, analysis, crypto guides for the community, Since its formation in 2020, supported more than 500+ crypto projects with promotion and marketing, we recently introduced our venture capital investment firm BNBswap Ventures.



About BNBswap Ventures

BNBSwap Ventures aims to invest and support potential blockchain projects from the early stages. BNBSwap will operate and offer investment and marketing support to BNBSwap Ventures.